Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if it is time to move?

    Many people wait until they experience health issues before moving. However, it should be noted that it is much easier to move when you are still healthy and able to enjoy all the amenities The Parkway has to offer. Moving can be stressful and overwhelming. Planning ahead is a good way to prepare you for a change in lifestyle. Social interaction is important for your health and well being so stay positive and look forward to exciting adventures and new friendships.

  • Can my family come to visit?

    The Parkway offers a family friendly environment and your family are always welcome to come for a short visit or stay for a few days. We have a guest suite available that can be booked in advance or your family can stay with you in your suite. Also, The Parkway offers a private dining room for your personal events, or you are welcome to have family join you in the main dining room.

  • What are my options in the dining room?

    There are always two meal selections on the menu each night. There is a choice of soup or salad to start, and you can mix and match the entrees to create what best suites your taste and dietary needs. We also offer a lighter choice of a sandwich with soup or salad. We do not have assigned seating in our dining room. It is our hope that you will form new friendships and choose different people to join for dinner.

  • Do you have medical staff on site to assist me?

    We have a full time Health Resource Coordinator on staff. There are also other professionals who visit our building such as a foot-care nurse, blood lab technician, massage therapist, and homecare providers. If you already have homecare you will need to contact your coordinator to notify them of your move.

    It is expected that you have your dinner in the main dining room; however, we will deliver meals to your suite for short periods of time for those who are not feeling well or for those just returning from the hospital. Arrangement for this service can be made with our Health Resource Coordinator.

  • What kind of recreation services do you offer?

    Our full time Recreation Coordinator provides many on-site activities such as guest speakers, entertainment, movies, exercises, happy hour, and birthday parties. We also have off-site excursions to concerts, museums, restaurants, sporting events, shopping, casinos and more.

    Our shuttle bus is scheduled for different events and shopping excursions. We also provide days where you can book the shuttle bus for personal excursions such as banking, medical or dental appointments.

  • What type of security is there at The Parkway?

    The Parkway has live-in security on the premises for after-hour emergencies. We also have a buzz-in security system at the front door so residents can buzz-in guests. Also, as an added security measure, we ask that you place your garbage outside your door every morning by 10:00 a.m. If your garbage is not out for pick up, we will check your suite to ensure you are safe.

  • Is there housekeeping?

    Housekeeping is scheduled once a week and consists of sanitizing the washrooms and kitchen, mopping and vacuuming the floors, wiping down the counter and outside of the cupboards and appliances, and dusting. Additional services can be arranged for an additional cost.

  • How long a lease do I have to sign?

    All leases are month-to-month. We require a clear calendar month’s notice to end the lease.

  • Does The Parkway allow pets and smoking?

    The Parkway is a pet-free and smoke-free building.

  • What are some of the special features offered at The Parkway?

    Each suite comes with its own washer, dryer, refrigerator, range, microwave, blinds, and a balcony. Other services provided at an additional cost are linen services, cafe, hair salon, manicurist, lounge and store.